Forget the iPad 3, here are 14 features we want in the iPad 4

The iPad 3, iPad HD or whatever it's going to be called is the worst kept secret in the tech world. Based on all the rumors, we've got a nice solid picture of what Apple will probably announce on Wednesday.

The iPad 3 will likely include a dazzling 2048x1536 Retina Display, a faster processor (either dual-core or quad-core CPU), better graphics performance, bigger battery, upgraded cameras and more pronounced tapering along the edges. Despite the Wall Street Journal "confirming" 4G LTE, it's still on the fence. As is Siri support.

Does that sound slightly boring to you? Let us help you forget about the next iPad and tell you what we want to see in the next next iPad. We present to you 14 wild ideas that would have our pre-orders in faster than it would take Usain Bolt to run an Olympic sprint.

Note: These are features we would like to see in a future iPad (not necessarily all combined into one master tablet, although that would be very tempting).

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