Foldable skateboard is actually stronger than wooden skate decks

Usually, in order to make a product foldable, style takes a backseat. Not so with the Snap Skateboard. Made from aircraft aluminum, the Snap Skateboard is as functionally portable for stowing away as it is stylish — and it's probably stronger than Tony Hawk's skateboard too.

It only comes in silver but being able to stash it in your locker or backpack? Priceless. The comapny behind the board says the Snap Skateboard folds with the help of patented hinges that downsize the 32-inch deck to 14-inches for easy storage.

As we said, the Snap Skateboard is actually stronger than a regular wooden board despite its folding design. And that's because the aluminum is reinforced by durable steel pins when unfolded. Don't take our word for it, go watch Snap Skateboard's videos here.

The Snap Skateboard is as usable for grinding and performing tricks as any "pro" skateboard is and its trucks and bearings can all be replaced with ones that fit your cruising style.

Yours for $120 with free shipping to the U.S. The holiday's are a ways off, but it's never too early to start thinking of gift ideas. This would make a great birthday present as well.

Snap Skateboard, via Uncrate

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