Final Audio introduces a way to wear $8,000 on your head

Headphones are one of the hottest categories in high-end audio, and Japan's Final Audio Design has now upped the ante by introducing headphones that cost as much as a decent used car.

If you thought Monster Beats headphones were kind of expensive, then hold onto your wallet if you think these Final's Muramasa VIIIs would be cool to own. At $8,000 a pair, you could have bought Beats for every player on your favorite NFL team, and still have change.

Details of the Muramasa VIII are still pretty sketchy, but with all of those steel and other shiny metal bits these suckers are heavy at just under two pounds. The prospect of neck strain is bad enough, but note also that there isn't any padding on the headband to stop it from cutting into your noggin. I guess they figure that if you're a bald guy who's rich enough to buy these, you can also afford a Hair Club For Men membership.

The Final Audio Muramasa VIII will be available next month.

Final Audio Design, via Born Rich

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