Ferruccio Lamborghini looks ready to spear anyone in its way

Lamborghini has always made some of the wildest cars on the planet, so when a designer comes up with a crazy design for a Lamborghini concept vehicle, they can actually look like something the Italian company might build.

That's the case with this concept from Mark Hostler called the Ferruccio. Ferruccio Lamborghini was the car company's founder, so this name follows along the lines of the Enzo Ferrari introduced a few years back.

The Ferruccio's sharp pointed nose looks pretty wild, but I can see some cues taken from the current Aventador and the Sesto Elemente factory concept car.

Hostler envisions the Ferruccio using a relatively small 5-liter V-12 with twin turborchargers, along with computer controlled pneumatic valves. He claims that these two technologies will allow the car to be more green by saving fuel while reducing emissions. But who really thinks about fuel economy when buying a Lamborghini?

Via Yanko Design

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