Dutch students pedal their way to school on kid-powered buses

If you need to get a bunch of little kids to school, firing up a big diesel school bus isn't exactly the most efficient way to go. The Dutch have always been pretty environmentally sensitive, so they have come up pedal buses that let the kids power their own way the school.

The pedal buses can carry eight pedaling kids up to age 12, and another three freeloading students sitting in the front. An adult driver steers the bus, and keeps the kids in line. The seats have a wide range of height adjustment, so they can fit all sizes.

Holland is one of the flattest countries on Earth, but for the odd hill the bus has an electric motor to provide a boost. A bigger potential problem is that Holland sees lots of rain, so a fold up awning provides at least a little protection.

While the bus looks like it wouldn't stand up too well in an accident, keeping all the kids together under adult supervision has to be preferable to having them walk or bike by themselves.

PBT Consulting, via Treehugger

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