DARPA's ex-director shows new vids of crazy projects in TEDTalk

Regina Dugan, formerly director of DARPA and now with Google, gave a TEDTalk on failure that just came online. That's great, but there's also new video of some of DARPA's coolest projects (like its hypersonic Mach 20 aircraft) included in the talk and that alone makes watching it worthwhile.

I love the way this talk starts out: "if you don't already have a nerd in your life, you should get one." Believe me, you really should, we're cheap and cuddly and (among other things) we can help fix your computer. If you already have a nerd, or you already are a nerd, then you'll be most interested in a couple different parts of Dugan's talk: first, she talks about that hypersonic Mach 20 test vehicle, and includes some video of the thing being released from its rocket, which has only been a little bit messed with by DARPA in the interest of national security.

Also included in is some new video of PETMAN climbing stairs (more or less), a live test flight of that hummingbird spy robot, and some talk about how electromagnetic pulses from lightning bolts could be somehow used as GPS. Craziness. But that's just how they roll at DARPA, and why nerds are awesome.


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