Concrete pipe hotel is still more roomy than a capsule hotel

Forget about the Four Seasons Hotel. Next time you're in Tepoztlán, Mexico, go book a stay at T3arc Architecture's Tubo Hotel. Instead of some posh hotel room with cable, how about trying to sleep in a recycled concrete pipe? Come on, you'll be the envy of all of Japan's capsule hotel residents.

The Tubo Hotel is not your typical hotel. For starters it only has enough room for a queen-sized bed, fan, lighting and an under-bed storage for towels. You won't feel like a king, but you should at least get an inkling of what Super Mario must see when he warps through all those pipes in the Mushroom Kingdom.

But, I digress, the Tubo Hotel's rates are kind of dirt cheap. Rooms for two start at $300 pesos (about $24) and go up to $600 pesos (about $47) for ground floor tubes and $400 pesos (about $32) and shoot up to $700 pesos (about $55) for a "top-of-the-pyramid tube for those who live in the clouds."

According to Tubo Hotel's Web site, the tube's don't get cold and they have a pool for splashy fun time:

We have an INFITINTY POOL RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR TUBE! Apart from that, we suggest opening up your eye and inserting finger. Repeat. And repeat again. Or scratching your belly. . . . Dude! Wake up! You are in Tepoztlan - center of good vibrations, birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, center of the "Tepozteco Nation." See mountain, climb mountain, bounce down mountain. If you can't find something to do here, you are seriously activity-challenged.

Tubo Bar and Tubo Restaurant are coming soon. Okay, but if you want some Tubo privacy, you can use that little curtain each tube room has for whatever it is people do in hotels.

Tubo Hotel: Guaranteed to make you claustrophobic.

Tubo Hotel, via Inthralld

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