Buying clothes would actually be fun with face video mapping

Unless you actually like shopping for clothes (there's nothing wrong with that), trying on clothes and matching accessories is a royal pain, not to mention a time hog. If we could use face video mapping to project outfits onto our bodies like in this Samsung video, we're positive more people would enjoy shopping.

There's tons of companies trying to reinvent and modernize the clothing experience. From using iPads with augmented reality "magic mirrors" to wiring up Kinect sensors, all of these solutions merely make shopping slightly less hassling.

Samsung's face and body mapping projections would make picking out out clothes significantly less chore-like.

For the launch of its first 2 SIM card smartphone - Galaxy Y Duos - Samsung did something surprising: a mapped projection on an human face! This video uses exclusively the video mapping technique to build several characters on a human face. The images were projected directly over an actor, as in a canvas. This video mapping technique, seen before in spectacular projections on buildings and cars, uses in this video the human face as its single object of work.

The Galaxy Y Duos is a pretty boring Android device, but we all agree that the marketing genius and possible application of using body mapping projections is far more interesting.

Imagine being able to see how a hair style would look on your head before actually cutting your locks. Or seeing how a certain makeup would look on your skin. Or whether getting that ear piercing will make you look like a tool or a stud. All of that could be achieved with Samsung's video mapping technique.

Now, if only Samsung would tell us how it manages to pull off this stunt without the vague excerpt from above.

Via YouTube

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