Chinese mini-submarine offers undersea adventure on the cheap

The story of China's rise to tech powerhouse is fueled in part by the industrious nature of country's 1.3 billion people. Case in point, a laid-off factory worker in Wuhan recently responded to his bad luck by starting, of all things, a submarine factory.

The tiny submarines can seat two people and sell for about $31,000 each. Although the first prototype was a crude looking contraption, his latest version definitely has a bit of that old Captain Nemo steampunk feel to it. Considering the barebones nature of the vehicles, we doubt James Cameron would ever want to use one of these. But for Chinese locals in need of a better look under the sea, this solution might fit the bill.

You can see a report (in Chinese) of the DIY submariner showing off his latest creation in the video below.

Via MicGadget

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