Video: Digital carpet beautifully animates as you walk across it

This video checks all the boxes. It absolutely adorable because of the little girl that runs across the carpet, and damned impressive for how the carpet responds to her footsteps.

The video doesn't come with much information about who designed this particular digital carpet with its flowers and greenery, but it is pretty groovy. It reminds me a little of a sea of flowers being parted like the Red Sea was before Moses in The Ten Commandments with Charlton Heston.

Well, it doesn't take a divine act to part a digital carpet — just footsteps or a hand gesture according to a video showing other digital carpets developed by NTT Learning Systems in Japan. They debuted their carpet in 2009 and touted it for its marketing and sales potential.

Personally, I like this artsy version better!

Via ObviousWinner

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