Blizzard is still trying to port World of Warcraft to iPhone

World of Warcraft in the palm of your hand? No way! Blizzard hasn't quite figured out how to get the full World of Warcraft (not a watered down port) running on iPhone, but that doesn't mean the company has given up on it.

In a Eurogamer interview, senior World of Warcraft producer John Lagrave said that porting the MMORPG to the iPhone's was very challenging and that Blizzard won't release any product until it's working properly:

"Here's your platform, you've got to put an interface, what do you do? So yes we have [looked into mobile] and we always are. Maybe we'll stumble on the great way to put WOW on the phone - maybe we won't, but we're certainly looking into it."

"We won't do it until we think it's decent. But it's interesting and the world is evolving towards that little handheld device - I'd have fun on it, that's absolutely the case. It would be foolish for any game developer to not be looking at that and we're not - we don't think- we're foolish!"

"When we have an epiphany, everyone will know," he added. "But for now, no epiphany!"

Blizzard currently has a World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app that acts as a good companion app for tracking your characters, watching item auctions and messaging in guild chatrooms.

The iPhone is a huge platform ripe for exploiting, but perhaps Blizzard should consider the new iPad as a better device to port World of Warcraft to. The larger screen, Retina display and beefy quad-core graphics processor should be a much more natural fit than squeezing all of WoW's commands into a 3.5-inch screen.

Eurogamer, via GMA News

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