Battlefield 3 audio switched with NES sounds is pure nerdgasm

The visuals and graphics of a movie and video game might be what most people judge entertainment on, but it's easy to forget that sound is just as important a factor in creating a masterpiece. YouTuber Omega52 swapped the audio from Battlefield 3 with NES sound effects and, man, what a difference it makes.

Poor sound design can break a beautifully storyboarded film or designed game. Battlefield 3 isn't known for its memorable audio — in fact no first person shooter game really is (maybe Portal and Halo). When's the last time you were humming a Call of Duty tune?

According Omega52's video description:

"I wonder what BF3 would be like with NES sound effects." So I made this. Sounds are from Contra and Top Gun, music is from Journey to Silius (Title Screen) and Batman(Stage 4 Part 1). PC Version incase you were going to ask."

I've watched the three minute video twice and I'm now completely convinced that video games have lost that feeling of having heartfelt music. Nintendo's still got it, but where's the 21st century version of the tune for "Mission Accomplished" from the Final Fantasy games?

This kind of thing just reminds me how much more imaginative video games were back in their golden years. Maybe that's why the Neo Geo X is going to be launched.

Via YouTube

(Thanks David!)

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