Anonymous: LulzSec will return to reign hack-voc once again

The hacktivists are striking back. After Hector Xavier Monsegur — better known as "Sabu," the leader of LulzSec — was outed as an FBI informant after last year's string of Web terror, Anonymous is now taking back control of the group, declaring its return on April 1.

Wait a sec. April 1? Why, that's April Fool's Day!

If a YouTube video that claims to be put out by Anonymous is to be trusted, LulzSec will rise from the grave.

"Much to the dismay of corrupt governments and corporations across the lands, it's ridiculous to believe that by arresting the six prime members of LulzSec that you have stopped us. You haven't stopped us. You have merely disrupted the active faction."

The video goes on to say that LulSec never left and only grew stronger. It's next act will be to reign terror on the interwebs "for the lulz, the fame, the attention, the anarchy and the people."

WebProNews believes the return of LulzSec could be related to Project Mayhem, another operation that "seeks to use hacks and artwork to subvert or undermine governments and corporations and create social change" and notes that a new LulSec Reborn Twitter has popped up.

This entire plan could be an elaborate hoax or it could be real retaliation for Sabu ratting his former LuzSec and Anonymous hackers to the FBI. We'll know when April 1 rolls around. If something goes boom, you know where the fire started.

WebProNews, via ArsTechnica

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