Angry Birds theme park coming to Finland; pigs busy building fort

Angry Birds is a good way to kill a few minutes while waiting for the train, but would you want to spend a whole day with the flying birds and the piggy enemies? Apparently Angry Birds creator Rovio thinks your answer will be yes, because they are busy preparing to open the Angry Birds Land theme park in Finland this summer.

Rovio is keeping pretty tight lipped about what to expect, but they do mention rides and amusement park games, along with "Magic Places", where outdoor activities and the gaming world meet.

If Finland sounds a little far from your normal travel routes, Rovio says you can expect several Angry Birds theme parks to open around the world in the coming years. Of course by then Angry Birds might be about as cutting edge as something like Tetris.

At least it sounds better than that bootleg Angry Birds game in China.

Rovio, via Pocket Lint

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