Android smartphones and condoms actually have a lot in common

What do those bedroom rubbers have in common with Android smartphones? It turns out a lot of the same names for condoms are also names used for Android smartphones. Maybe sending marketing teams over to the condom aisle is easier than using an Android Name Generator.

FWD started the humor by poking fun at the hundreds of crazy names that phone companies give smartphones (really, the list is an eye-opener), but there was something that it missed.

The Intercom Blog picked up on the condom and Android naming similarities and compiled it into the chart you see above. Cue the jokes!

While we're at it, let's kill the trend of smartphones using a new alphabet letter too. We've already lost track of what differentiates Sony's Xperia P, S and U smartphones as well as HTC's One X, S and V smartphones.

For those people tired of the Internet slamming Android's names, you can go enjoy Madtv's now classic iPad skit, even though it sort of has nothing to do with the real iPad. Memories!

Via The Intercom Blog

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