AIRE mask is how The Shredder charges his cellphone

D'you realize how much energy you're wasting right now, just sitting there breathing? Yeah, stop killing the environment, you jerk! Just put on thisy here AIRE mask, and all of that tedious in-and-out will turn into power for your cellphone.

Inside this mask (which is currently just a concept) are some small wind turbines that spin up whenever you inhale or exhale. A cord attaches the mask, and plugs into the gadget you want to charge. You can use the AIRE while sitting around, while sleeping, or even while exercising, although if you wear it in public, you run the risk of getting jumped by a bale of oversize turtles with with a pizza fetish.

As we like to point out with all power harvesting gadgets like this, you don't get something for nothing. But in this case, that's good, because having to work harder to breathe is good for you. In fact, you can buy dedicated resistance breathing mouthpieces that don't charge anything at all, but give your diaphragm a workout and make your lungs more efficient. All that plus free electricity? Let's do it, I'll buy one.

Red Dot, via Daily What

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