$8,000 stair lift lets overweight doggies conquer stairs

Obesity isn't just a problem for humans, it's also a problem for our pets. If your dog is putting on the pounds and having trouble climbing up and down the stairs, there's a perfectly solution: the world's first dog stair lift.

It shouldn't be a revelation if your dog is looking a little on the roly poly side, especially since people treat their dogs like leftover disposals, feeding them scraps from the dinner table.

Insurance company More Th>n predicts that 52 percent of the UK's dogs will be obese by 2022. To help dogs get between floors, More Th>n's prototyping a lift for dogs tentatively called "Stair of the Dog 2022."

More Th>n's John Ellenger says that a stair lift "is a vision of the future we really don't want to see become a reality," but at the same time, people need to be prepared to help their pets meet the challenges of being unable to hop between floors.

The Stair of the Dog 2022 would carry a dog up and down stairs with a paw-activated button. That's one solution, but how about taking your dog out for a walk or run every once in a while? You'll be more fit, and so will your buddy.

But if you must, hey, it's your $8,000 to spend.

DailyMail and Newslite, via Geyser of Awesome

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