50 years worth of 'Blue Marble' Earth pics in 16 NASA composites

With four million Flickr views under its belt, NASA's recent release of the most detailed composite image of Earth is proof that the space dream is still very much alive, despite the end to the Shuttle program. Here's 16 more images showcasing the evolution of Earth's "Blue Marble" composites over the last 50 years.

Courtesy of Information Week, the gallery shows "Blue Marble" composites from as early as 1960 taken by the TIROS-1 satellite to the recent Eastern Hemisphere taken last month by the VIIRS image tech on the Suomi NPP satellite.

The set is a remarkable look back and really makes you stop and think about how the wonders of technology have enabled such images to be stitched together.

You can find the gawk-worthy photos in the gallery below, but true space geeks will have to head on over to Information Week's site to read the full-on pic-by-pic description.

Via Information Week

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