World record for human mattress dominoes shattered

In one of the all time great feats in the history of ultra silly world record breaking, a team from New Orleans has shattered the record for human mattress dominoes with 850 bed ridden volunteers falling onto each other.

The participants were all employees of the La Quinta Inn hotel chain, which make me wonder whether this is just their way of giving some old worn out mattresses a fancy send off. The Simmons Bedding Company was the other main sponsor, providing extra evidence that this was just some scheme to get them some new mattresses. Following the event, the old bedding will be donated to various local charities, so don't be surprised if you start seeing lots of hotel mattress specials at New Orleans thrift stores.

To be honest, this record seems to be limited by how many mattresses you can scrape together, especially when you consider that the non-mattress human dominoes record currently stands at 10,000., via Telegraph

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