Windows Phone 8 'Apollo' will give the OS better ammo to compete

Despite some great hardware by Nokia, Windows Phone 7 still feels like a huge dud. It's eating Android and iOS's dust. A exclusive report from Pocketnow claims that Windows Phone 8 will be much more aggressive and pack features like NFC and Windows 8 integration.

The current Windows Phone 7.5 is called Mango. The next version is reported to be Tango. Apollo comes after. What's with all this naming scheme, anyway? Does every update have to end with the letter "o"?

Pocketnow says it obtained a video by senior vice president and Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore that details major changes in Windows Phone 8.

Let's dig right in. In terms of hardware, Windows Phone 8 will see "support for multicore processors, new screen resolutions (a total of four), removable micro SD card storage and Near Field Communication (NFC)."

NFC will allow "tap to share" functions between desktops, laptops, tablets and other smartphones.

I could really get behind this. Imagine uploading a photo to your notebook or tablet simply by tapping the two together. That'd be killer.

With Windows 8 on the horizon, Windows Phone 8 will supposedly play better with it. Pocketnow says Microsoft will "scrap integration with the desktop Zune client in favor of a syncing relationship with a dedicated companion app." Pocketnow says that it could be a return of ActiveSync.

Other features will include the much-talked about Skype integration for video chat, cloud-powered Web page rendering (like Opera Mini or Amazon Silk), thereby speeding loading by up to a reported 30 percent, and tons of new security encryption features for businesses.

Microsoft hasn't made any official announcements yet, but with Mobile World Conference coming up real soon, we could hear about Windows Phone 8 in a matter of weeks.

Via Pocketnow

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