Watch this gadget scramble the brains of hapless citrus fruits

Fruit juice doesn't get much fresher than this, folks: Takara Tomy's new Gurefuru Chuchu citrus gut-mangler will scramble the insides of whatever you jam it into, leaving nothing but pure sweet juices behind.

While you won't want to miss the excessively Japanese video commercial for this thing, here's the nutshell on how it works:

Just take the Gurefuru Chuchu, use the "leaf" to open up a little hole and then insert the main character-themed part ("Mr. Gurefuru") into the top of the fruit. Twist him round lots of times for around one minute to churn up all the insides of the fruit and then take him out again. Now just use a conventional straw slurp up ("chuchu") the delicious and refreshing juice you've created!

(Emphasis ours.)

We know this seems rather violent, but rest assured that fruits will enjoy the process, willingly donating their guts to increase the happiness of your taste buds. How do we know? Just look at this picture:


She's sucking his innards out through the side of his head, and he's blushing. Aww!

Japan Trends Shop doesn't seem to have the Gurefuru Chuchu up on their website quite yet, but we can't imagine it costing more than $10 or $20 whenever it becomes available.

Via Japan Trend Shop

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