Video: 20 nano quadrocopters flying in formation, ready to attack

We've covered so many quadrocopters including the Parrot AR.Drone throughout the years that we've lost count of all the impressive things they can do. Watching these nano quadrocopters doing figure eights without even touching each other? Yeah, humanity is doomed.

The nano quadrocopters belong to the University of Pennsylvania's General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception lab and were created by Alex Kushleyev, Daniel Mellinger and Vijay Kumar.

They can also form structures. According to Daniel Mellinger, "We tell the quadrotors what structure´╗┐ to build and they figure out the assembly plan and then build it."

Extremely small and fast, you can see in this video 20 of them flying in formation so close to one another and buzzing so loud that we're sure we'd be screaming like little girls if a pack ever chased us down.

Via Wired UK

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