Video: Watch the Nerf Speedswarm rain darts on this poor dummy

With the Toy Fair in New York City, Hasbro dropped a crateful of new Nerf dart guns and Super Soakers at the New York Toy Fair over the last few days. Here's a quick re-cap and a bonus video of what I think is going to be my favorite Nerf gun of 2012 so far.

When it comes to Nerf, bigger blasters always feels better, but when push comes to shove, it's always the smaller pistol that ends up being your greatest ally.

Last year's Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire stole the Toy Fair with its 20-dart rapid-firing prowess, but this year it's got a little companion: the Speedswarm.

Battery-powered, and semi-automatic, this guy can shoot 10 velcro-tipped darts at the pull of the trigger. For $20, it's light and packs enough of an assaul to destroy your enemies. Grab one for each hand and you'll be a Nerfin' machine!

Watch me destroy this Dart Tag mannequin with the Speedswarm in the video below:

Via Hasbro

More on Nerf's New Line-Up:

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