Video: using Skyrim to predict the Super Bowl winner

I'm with Ray in that I don't really care all that much about the actual football played during the Super Bowl. You know what? If the Giants were actual giants and the Patriots were Skyrim-loving freedom fighters, well, that would get me interested.

The folks over at 1UP decided to pit what looks like an equal number of Stormcloaks — native Nord warriors fighting to free their land from the empire's yoke in Bethesda's sprawling RPG, Skyrim — against giants. Giants are normally peaceful in Skyrim, content to wander the countryside as their mammoth herds graze, but get too close or threaten the flock and you'll take a walloping.

No spoilers or anything, but you can probably figure this one out. The Super Bowl would be just a little more one-sided if, y'know, the Giants were actually towering giants.

Via 1UP

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