These goggles bend reality, flip vision upside down and sideways

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like upside down or if everything was flipped horizontally? Now, you can put yourself into a trance with these German-made "Reversing Goggles" that'll bend reality without requiring you to physically flip yourself.

I know what you're thinking. These things are dorky as hell!. I whole-heartedly agree, but these Reversing Goggles (not to be confused with the Reverse Sunglasses) also have two Dove plexiglass prisms on each lens to invert your vision either upside down or sideways (but never both at the same time)!

I'm not sure why you'd ever want to see the world turned upside down, but hey, there are stranger inventions out there that serve no real purpose either. I'd imagine that looking through the prisms is the equivalent of staring at a kaleidoscope of the world in it, in that your eyes will probably hurt after a while.

Safer than doing psychedelic drugs, the Reversing Goggles are recommended for adults aged 18 and up and cost about $87.

As always, safety first! The sellers, Grand Illusions, reminds people not to move around too much or they'll fall and injure themselves. In addition, don't be a genius and try to drive, drink (oh man!) or operate heavy machinery with these goggles on. Nobody will be responsible for your injuries but yourself.

Via Grand Illusions

(Thanks Raj!)

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