TheO turns your smartphone into a giant game controller

There are lots of games for smartphones, but most just have you pushing buttons on the tiny screen. TheO is different, because it turns the phone into a giant controller that you can toss around the room.

While it may look like the most ridiculous iPhone case yet, TheO is actually designed to protect your phone from damage by burying it deep in its Nerf-like cushiness. Games like Bowling and Hot Potato have you throwing the ball while the phone's built-in accelerometer and gyroscope figure out how accurate your tosses are.

TheO's maker Physical Apps will toss in three free games with each TheO, but they hope third party developers will create new games just for the giant squishy ball.

TheO was introduced at the recent NYC Toy Fair, but pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

Physical Apps, via ChipChick

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