Taiwan's many-legged 'fibrous' skyscraper comes from another world

Austrian architecture firm SOMA has this radical design for the skyline of a city in Taiwan: the "Multiple Natures" fibrous tower, a 1,080-foot spire that twists up into bulbous pods from a base of eight support stalks. Believe it or not, the concept isn't as far-fetched as it looks up front, either.

It may look like a stiff breeze could blow this thing over — or that it was built by an occupying force of tripod-loving aliens from The War of the Worlds — but the "fibrous tower," as SOMA calls it, features four more conventional support pillars toward its core, with the four fatter outside pillars still providing support but primarily contributing to the tower's façade.

At the base of the structure is also a large, bulbous building (as seen in the gallery below), and it looks like that is where most of the action is. Elevators ferry folks up toward the spire's bulging heights, too.

See more outside, inside and around the tower in the gallery below.

SOMA Architects, via Design Scene and Designboom

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