Swiss Army knife tool now phone friendly for the digital MacGyver

You are practical and like to be prepared for any emergency, so like a modern day MacGyver you would never be caught without your smartphone or a good multipurpose tool. You never know when you are going to need to tinker with something, or watch a YouTube video that tells you how to do it. Now you can do both at once.

Gerber Tools, maker of classic multipurpose tools in the Swiss Army knife tradition has added a new tripod feature to hold your smartphone steady. This new addition to their tool line, dubbed the Steady Tool, includes a tripod consisting of foldable legs and includes a screw-in suction cup to hold the phone in place.

The first question that comes to mind would be why does a multi-tool need a cell phone mount. I gave this some thought and there are actually some practical reasons to use a tripod tool.

You could use it as a DIY hands-free device in your car (in a pinch, while driving gently). It could take away shaky hand syndrome when setting up a picture in the park, or of wildlife while out on the trail. Let's not forget video — if you've run out of things to talk about around the campfire set up the tripod and have an impromptu movie night; with all the devices out there letting you charge your phone on the trail no worries about running that battery out.

Perhaps the most practical use for the Steady Tool? Check out that DIY video on YouTube, and then use the tool to actually perform the project you've checked out.

Not to worry — the Steady Tool includes all the other things you'd expect in a Swiss Army style knife. It has a fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters and a bottle opener. These tools, along with the tripod legs and phone mount combined run $64.

That's not bad for now being able to combine your two favorite multi purpose tools!

Gerber Gear, via Geekosystem

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