Super insulation is fire retardant and as edible as oatmeal

Remember those dire warnings years ago from you parents to avoid touching that pink fluffy insulation in your home? Well if one company has its way, such warnings will become a thing of the past.

Aarmourtherm is a research firm that has developed what it claims is form of home insulation that is so safe it's edible. To prove its claims, the company's founder, Tom Brundige, has been going around the country demonstrating the product on himself. In a new video he slathers a layer of the insulation on his hand and then proceeds to engulf his hand in the 7,000 degree heat of a blow torch, with no ill effects. Then, because showmanship is the lifeblood of sales, he grabs a spoon, scoops up of a healthy dollop of the insulation, and proceeds to eat it!

He claims he has been eating the stuff for five years and is completely healthy. We'll take his word for it, but in the meantime we feel it's our responsibility to say: Don't try this at home. (But if he suddenly develops the power to resist all extreme heat and cold, we'll let you know!) You can check out the video of the demonstration below.

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