Special 'power felt' could build a charger right into your pants

There are lots of way to charge your phone besides plugging it in, but most involve some kind of physical effort. Now there's a new technology that is perfect for the fat and lazy among us, a thermoelectric cloth that generates a charge using body heat.

Scientists at Wake Forest University have developed Power Felt, which looks and feels just like regular cloth, but which also generates a charge when heat is applied. That way, you can charge your phone simply by sitting on your big fat rear end.

Thermoelectric cloth has actually been around for a while, but until now it has been prohibitively expensive to produce. Power Felt is much simpler, and the team says it might add just a couple of bucks to the price of a garment.

Now at least you'll have an excuse when you want to sit on your butt all day. You can just tell everyone that you're charging your phone while saving the planet.

Wake Forest University, via PopSci

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