Speakgoggles let you chat with your buddies on the slopes

One problem with skiing or snowboarding is that once you're flying down the slopes, it gets really difficult to communicate with your friends. These goggles have a built-in walkie-talkie system, that lets you stay in touch with up to six friends at once.

Normally a Bluetooth connection only works across a room, so the headset uses some kind of long range Bluetooth protocol which can keep you connected even if you're a third of a mile apart. That way you can yell at the leader if they start heading away from the ski chalet with all the hot snow bunnies.

The goggles can also connect to a smartphone or music player, and play the sound though built in earphones. The microphone uses a bone conduction pickup in the nose piece, to reduce problems with wind noise.

This means you won't all get separated, but without a GPS system there's a good chance you could all get lost together.

No word yet on pricing or availability of the Buhel G33 Speakgoggle.

Buhel, via Ubergizmo

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