The amazing space program propaganda of Soviet Russia

In today's world, Russia and America are allies and cooperate in space — in fact, two Russian astronauts performed a space walk Thursday to install a debris shield on the ISS — but the two countries used to be on opposite sides of the space race.

Competition was fierce. Russia got a man up into orbit first; America made it to the moon before the Soviet Union. Here's one area where Soviet Russia may've had Cold War America definitively beat, though: amazing space propaganda art.

The posters were gathered up by RussiaTrek (which, as of this post, appears to be experiencing some connection woes), and the included translations under each image are from there.

A lot of the posters boast about the glory of Russia (as to be expected from a propaganda poster from any nation), but some of them also carry some surprising messages, such as "in the name of peace and progress," which is a reoccurring theme throughout. That enduring message could be carried by any of today's space programs around the world.

Check 'em out in our gallery below.

RussiaTrek, via Retronaut, via Boing Boing

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