Pro snowboarder shreds the slopes at night in LED snowboard suit

How do you put Shaun White's stunning snowboarding tricks to shame? Get pro snowboarder William Hughes to wear a snowboard suit covered with white LEDs and have him hit the slopes at night while a filmmaker records the entire stunt with a RED Epic camera.

Here we thought surfing at night in neon wetsuits was epic. How wrong were we.

Jacob Sutton's LED snowboard suit design was birthed from his desire to create and portray "a lone character made of light surfing through darkness."

We think he succeeds with his short video. The video Sutton ends up producing is one that is tranquil, yet powerfully moving.

All parties seemed to enjoy the experience, despite the freezing 13-degree weather on the slopes of south eastern France's Tignes in Rhône-Alpes.

It's beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, peaceful and wicked cool, if not dangerous. Don't try this one with your own DIY LED snowboard suit. You're not a pro like Hughes.

YouTube, via Kottke

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