Scale of the Universe: A fantastic trip from quarks to quasars

From the film Contact to the classic sci-fi short story The Last Question by Isaac Asimov, there's really only one piece of information humanity wants the answer to: What's out there, and where does it end?

A new interactive infographic called "The Scale of the Universe" offers at look at exactly how daunting this question actually is to answer. Cary Huang is the creator of this 2D representation of, well, everything we know to exist. From quantum foam to galaxies on edges of the known universe, the infographic displays every image with approximate scaling comparisons to give you a sense of size (and awe). Huang released the first non-interactive version of this infographic back in 2010. The new 2012 version features new graphics, animations, and interactive information.

The epically hypnotic music alone (by Kevin MacLeod) could be played over a photo of a rock and lead one to consider the meaning of life, but paired with Huang's interactive infographic, the experience gives one a fleeting sense of what it might be like to be omniscient (or Galactus). You can watch a video fly-through of the infographic below, but I urge you to visit the site to get the full interactive experience.

The Scale of the Universe

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