Say hello to the more literal, monochromatic Windows 8 logo

Microsoft's quad-colored Windows flag is getting retired. With the complete overhaul of Windows 8 and its Metro UI makeover, Microsoft felt its new operating system needed a new logo — one that looked more like a window. New Windows 8 logo, meet user; user, meet new Windows 8 logo. You're going to be new best buds.

As a primer on why Microsoft chose to redesign Windows' logo for Windows 8, Microsoft compiled a useful blog post on the evolution of the Windows logo over on the Windows Team Blog:


The Windows 8 logo was designed by Pentagram and is supposed to "be both modern and classic" by "using bold flat colors and clean lines and shapes." Basically, its flat and square design is supposed to represent that of the flat and square tiles found in Windows 8's new interface.

Fun fact: when you change your tile colors, the logo color changes, too. Apparently, that's Microsoft's way of putting the "personal" back into PC.

Pentagram's design is also supposed to be "humble, yet confident" and filled with "motion." Honestly, I don't see it. Is that little slight angle of the window supposed to show the motion?

Regardless of whether you like or hate the Windows 8 logo, PC users are going to have to get used to it. You'll be seeing it on lots of computer, peripheral and software boxes.

Don't forget to flip through the gallery below to see how the Windows logo has evolved over the last 26 years.

Via Windows Team Blog

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