Salad bowl speakers dish up some tasty tunes

I know a lot of people who have made their own speakers, and for most of them the hardest part was making a decent enclosure. Damir Paco got inspired on a trip to Ikea, and bought three salad bowls per speaker to make this attractive design.

Damir took his inspiration from the legendary Bowers & Wilkins Nautilus, although his creation is really much simpler.

While he doesn't give too many of his ideas away over at Ikea Hackers, he does say that the bowls are called Blanda Matt, while the feet are called Baren hangers.

It looks like he's got three cone drivers in there, and as an audiophile I kind of wonder why he didn't go with a smaller dome type driver for the tweeter. The big bowl also looks pretty small for the woofer used. Still, it's a good inspiration for making something similar yourself.

Ikea Hackers, via Apartment Therapy

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