Rumor: Samsung is working on a bezel-less Android smartphone

With the way smartphone screens are getting sharper and larger, it's only a matter of time before those ugly black bezels that surround a screen disappear entirely. If any company can design a bezel-less smartphone, it's Samsung.

Samsung's no stranger to the make-gadgets-with-super-thin-bezels game. To get an idea of how committed Samsung is to removing excess gadget flab, one need only take a look at its high-end LED Smart TVs because those panels look ridiculous. Every single time I look at them at a Best Buy, it's like the picture is just floating midair.

If a report from Korea's MK News is to be believed, Samsung's taking its bezel-less expertise to work on an Android smartphone tentatively called "Samsung B." The report claims the smartphone has virtually no borders other than a small section at the top that houses the earpiece and a front camera.

Bezel-less smartphones would allow displays to be larger without having more mass. We'd basically be holding just the screen. But with that type of design comes fragility. If Samsung manages to use glass that's extremely tough like Corning's Gorilla Glass 2, then a bezel-less smartphone might survive a brush with the keys in your pocket.

Specs are extremely tightly wrapped right now, but it's possible that what MK News saw could be the Samsung Galaxy S III or possibly even a next-generation Nexus smartphone. The screen could also be a prototype for another company.

Almost all of last year, we heard about an edge-to-edge iPhone 5. Obviously, that device didn't materialize last year. Instead, Apple released the iPhone 4S with the same 3.5-inch Retina Display as the iPhone 4. As you probably already know, Samsung is an iPhone parts supplier. A bezel-less screen could just be an OEM part.

We'll know more as Mobile World Conference unfolds next week. Perhaps Sammy might show it off.

MK News, via SammyHub and SlashGear

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