Rube Goldberg device offers the perfect geek Valentine's Day date

Just in time for Valentine's Day, we've discovered the perfect way for alpha geeks to get their romantic partners in the mood, and it's all about the Rube Goldberg, baby.

Titled Date Night Rube and created by Canadian studio 2D House, the mechanism does everything from pouring wine (via Spiderman, no less!), to turning on some sexy tunes on your iPod, and even delivering a perfectly timed breath mint spray when you're ready to go in for lip-to-lip combat. Even the most gifted tinkerers would likely have trouble taking inspiration from this idea and having it ready by tonight, but if you do manage to pull it off, please let us know.

In the meantime, you can see the Date Night Rube in action in the video below.

Via UK Sun

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