Romantic heart turns into recyclable utensils for two

This little heart-shaped tool is so sweet you're going to melt. If it doesn't out of sheer cuteness it will probably win points for not just being a heart, but also every utensil you need to eat a meal and being recyclable to boot.

That's some serious multi-tasking.

"Heart Parts" are 100 percent biodegradable but are tough enough to be used and washed several times before you throw the pieces out. In fact, that's actually what founder Fatima Fazal is hoping for. She wants users to see the care with which Heart Parts are created, and embrace the mantra of reducing waste and reuse the utensils before trashing them.

You don't even have to feel bad about eventually sending them to the landfill either since they are biodegradable and made with 88 percent less plastic than normal plastic cutlery.

According to her website, Fazal is also committed to donating a portion of her profits to the "Have a Heart" charity, which will benefit causes close to her community's hearts.

Heart Parts come in five colors and are available in packs of ten for $8.95., via Trendhunter

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