Robotic heat redistributor moves heat to the cold spots at home

Most homes have warm areas and places where it always seems to be cold, so the Hagent heat cube aims to even things out by soaking up heat where it's hot, and then releasing the stored heat in the cold parts of your house.

The Hagent uses its heat sensors to find a warm cozy place such as next to the fireplace, where it will sit absorbing and storing as much heat energy as possible. Then when you decide to call it a night, it can follow you into the cold bedroom and release the stored heat. Quite how it stores the isn't really explained, although the Hagent's black color is designed to maximize its heat absorbing capabilities.

While the prototype isn't really explained fully on their website, I think this concept has merit as a modern version of one of those Victorian era bad heating pans that you fill with glowing coals. At least this version won't singe your tootsies.

Designed by Daniel Abendroth and Andreas Meinhardt, the Hagent was presented at the International Design Competition Émile Hermès in Paris where it won second prize.

Abendroth Design Studio, via Gizmodo

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