Retro cases bring Apple nostalgia to the iPhone

Based on its current world domination strategy, it's hard to believe that a little over a decade ago Apple was struggling to survive. If you have nostalgia for the days when Apple was just a blip on Microsoft's radar, you can dress up your iPhone 4S to look like one of the products that eventually turned the company around.

The cases from Schreer Delights make your iPhone look like an early Macintosh, or you can get a bit more modern with a first generation iMac look, available in five of the original funky colors. However it's the first generation iPod case that will probably cause the most head scratching, seeing as it's about the same size and shape as the original MP3 player.

The Schreer cases for iPhone 4 and 4S are available now for around $45. Get 'em quick before Apple sues the pants off these guys.

Schreer Delights, via Core77

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