Report: iPad 3 coming in March with Retina Display and faster GPU

The rumors continue to flood in, as the world patiently waits for Apple to unveil the iPad 3. AllThingsD says the iPad 3 is going to be announced in early March with a release shortly after. Get your camping seats out, it's time to wait in line again!

At this stage, the iPad 3 is starting to get leaked everywhere. Case and internal part chips indicate that the iPad 3 will retain the same design of the iPad 2. Earlier reports suggest that the iPad 3 could be slightly thicker to accommodate a larger battery, but generally speaking, the tablet won't have a noticeable cosmetic change.

The upgrade to a Retina Display is practically a shoe-in. Multimedia is expected to look drop-dead gorgeous on the new 2048x1536 resolution display.

Apart from the display, the iPad 3 might run on an A6 processor with a quad-core processor. A new report from The Verge and 9to5Mac both say that the iPad 3 won't be quad-core, though.

Both sources say that Apple will compensate for the dual-core A6 processor, by tossing in a brand new GPU that'll provide enough backlifting to power the Retina Display.

The cameras are also expected to get a nice boost. The iPad 2's rear camera is great for 720p HD video, but it can only shoot pictures at under one-megapixel with a resolution of 960x720. That's really terrible and will look even uglier on the new high-resolution screen. New cameras are needed.

There's also a possibility that Apple might finally bring Siri to a device other than the iPhone 4S. The iPad 3 could have that fancy new noise-reduction tech built into the A6's die. We know that people are clamoring for Siri.

Lastly, will the iPad 3 have 4G LTE? We're not sure about this one as Apple's always been hesitant to adopt faster speeds. Its reasoning in the past has been that 4G LTE totally destroys the battery life of the iPhone and iPad. However, with that new bigger battery, anything is possible.

The early March announcement is right in line for an annual iPad refresh. Remember, the iPad 2 was released last March as well. It's a good time to hold off on buying an iPad if you're considering one, or start saving up for one if you're planning to get one.

Vvia AllThingsD

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