Schrödinger's cat to replace the Magic 8-Ball

Throw away that dusty Magic 8-Ball. All your key decisions can now be made with a new toy operating on the theory behind an experiment in quantum mechanics. I should point out before we continue there is no real dead cat involved with the toy, just the theory behind it. It's fun! I promise.

The experiment conducted by Erwin Schrödinger in 1935 sought to explain that due to the randomness of the universe and its events, there is a state where at one time a thing can exist or not exist. Or in this case a cat could be alive or dead at the same time.

His theory was simple. A cat would be placed in a sealed box with poison and radioactive material. The poison would be released if a Geiger counter detected any a release of subatomic particles, thus killing the cat. The point is that after a certain amount of time there is no way of knowing whether the cat in the box is alive or dead — thereby existing in both states.

Does that blow your mind?

Actually, you can relate to this uncertainty principle. It pops up in everyday life. Should I call her or not? Should I float that crazy idea in the meeting? Should I choose Hulu or Netflix? The world is just full of decisions to be made; the point is you will never know the outcome until you open that proverbial box.

Now the box is real, courtesy of this fun toy to help you navigate life. The Schrödinger's Cat Executive Decision Maker desk toy will help you make any decision you ask of it. When you slide the door open you'll get the experience of the duality of nature, seeing the cat both alive and dead before the final random choice is made - dead cat means no, live cat is yes!

Being a science nerd, I'd far rather believe a toy like the Schrödinger's Cat Executive Decision Maker that has a tenuous connection to quantum mechanics than that fickle old 8-Ball any day.

Price: $30.

ThinkGeek, via Gizmodo

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