$50 million zero gravity coaster has vomit washers on standby

The majority of us will never experience zero gravity. Design firm BRC Imagination Arts wants to change that with a $50 million roller coaster that'll let riders experience being weightless — for eight seconds.

Imagine a ride more terrifying than Six Flags' Kingda Ka, only instead of simply going forward and up at over 100 miles per hour, it would shoot up and then a computer system would carefully control the speed as it drops backwards, letting you float for a glorious eight seconds.

That's BRC Imagination Arts' concept roller coaster ride, and it's inspired by the Vomit Comet planes that NASA uses to train astronauts to do cool things like float on magic carpets inside the International Space Station.

It goes without saying that passengers (six to 16 per ride) would be buckled in with belts, but the designers say that there would be enough wiggle room so that riders would feel the zero gravity.

More crazy is that riders would be encouraged to play with either a cup filled with water, a ball or a gyroscope to see how zero gravity affects them. To paint a grosser image of the interiors of the ride, the cars would also have drains to suck up all the potential vomit that might spew out its riders. Upon unboarding, theme park employees would be at the ready to hose any leftover puke off.


Yeesh! Those cars can't smell pleasant if there's going to be barf everywhere.

Should the project ever get the necessary funding to start construction, the coaster could be up and running by 2013.

The cost of a ticket for eight seconds of zero gravity? Unknown. How much for what could be yours and 15 other different types of barf splattering all over the place? Priceless.

Via PopSci

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