The best looking solar charger ever also happens to be a car

Cars that run exclusively on solar power make no claims about being the most comfortable vehicles out there, but they're unquestionably some of the coolest looking, and this concept from designer Omer Sagiv is up there with the best of them.

The SPV (which of course stands for Solar Powered Vehicle) is made from an aluminum structure with flexible thin-film solar panels wrapped around it. The back folds up to let a driver squeeze into the diminutive bulge in the center. The SPV is exceptionally aerodynamic, and (on a nice day in the desert) generates enough excess power that you can drive back home and run your entire house off of it.

Or, this would all be true if the SPV was real, but it's just a fanciful imagining at the moment. The designer has this to say about it:

"Regarding the project in general, it is a concept. In my eyes a concept should push boundaries and rely on future technologies, which doesn't mean futuristic tech but tech we know already exists but has not reached its full potential yet."

Hear that, concept car designers? This is exactly the type of thing we want to see, and you can see more in the gallery below.

Omer Sagiv, via The Atlantic

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