Philips' new TVs allow dual-view multiplayer gaming on one screen

Sony kicked off the idea of using 3D technology to display two simultaneous video feeds on one TV last year. At CES 2012, we saw TCL experimenting with dual-display 3D TVs and now Philips is joining in on the fun. Are dual-view TVs a trend now?

As we said, Philips' 6000 and 7000 3D TVs are just like Sony's PlayStation 3D Display SimulView mode.

The TVs require viewers to use 3D glasses, with each pair of glasses receiving a different video signal. By doing this, each viewer sees a different picture.

The major difference between Philips' TVs and Sony's PlayStation 3D Display is that 1) these are TVs not displays, so you can watch TV shows and 2) their screens are significantly larger.

Sony's 3D Display is a diminutive 24-inches. Philips' 600 and 7000 series TVs will range from 32-inches to 55-inches.

Fast 800Hz refresh rates on the 7000 series TVs should also eliminate any potential ghosting/chafing.

Philips hasn't detailed how its TVs will work with gaming and whether or not they'll work with movies as TCL's prototype display did at CES. Pricing also wasn't announced.

The Sony PlayStation 3D Display's SimulView only works with compatible games that support the feature. It'll be interesting to see if Philips' TVs will work with all video game consoles for all multiplayer modes, and not just supported ones. Hopefully no game patching will be required.

Via Pocket-lint

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