Philippe Ramette's pics turn the world upside-down and sideways

Nope, nothing much to see here, just a picture of a dude enjoying a gravity-defying view. And before you call shenanigans, you should know that no Photoshop was involved whatsoever: what you're looking at is 100% real.

While the pictures themselves might be real, artist Philppe Ramette sadly cannot defy gravity all by himself. In lieu of super powers, he makes metal frames that can support his body at weird angles, lies on them, and then rotates or otherwise positions the camera to achieve the desired effect:


It looks slightly dangerous, and is probably very uncomfortable, but there's no denying that the images Ramette produces are more than a little bit mind-bending. Check out a bunch more of them in the gallery below.

Xippas, via PetaPixel

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