New photo tech lets you erase all of those annoying bystanders

Few things are more frustrating than trying to take a picture of your friends next to some tourist landmark, and having to wait while other tourists get out of your shot. That boring wait may become a thing of the past, if this new camera tech that can erase unwanted people from a picture works as advertised.

With Scalado Remove you take a picture, and then while the image is up on the screen you can selectively remove moving elements from the image. The camera will grab another image of that area, and stitch in the missing background behind that pesky bystander you want gone from the picture.

This means that you can make your friends back home think that you somehow picked the perfect time to travel when there were no crowds, when in reality those tourist sites were packed with people.

While it looks great in the video, this seems like something that will require some hands on testing to determine its effectiveness. For now it looks like Scalado is trying to sell the technology, rather than developing a specific app to sell themselves.

Scalado (Facebook), via Gizmodo

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