Moments in Time: watch sculptures inspired by current events

Artist Dominic Wilcox earned himself a permanent place in my nightmares with this face-mounted "nose" stylus. (Nightmares which I'm now reliving so I could hunt down that link for you, dear reader.)

With "Moments in Time," a series of small scenes created by mounting figurines to watch hands, Wilcox clearly wants to make amends. Up top is "Love and Protest," with a sign-holding protester and an armed soldier kissing. These little art pieces are thoughtfully done, oddly touching and just plain snazzy.

Wilcox started building the collection last year and has added a few more scenes, which you can find above and below: "Love and Protest," "UC Davis Protest" and "Captured." In the video below, you'll see the magic of the sculptures, and how the ever-moving face of a watch adds to what each is trying to say.

Dominic Wilcox, via Dezeen

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