MIT scientists make solar panels from grass clippings

A few years back we saw how researchers at MIT were working on ways to generate electricity from grass clippings. Well they must cut the grass a lot up there at MIT, because now another group has figured out a way to make electricity generating solar panels using more of your yard trash.

The problem with most commercial solar panels is that they cost too much and are too fragile to use in developing countries where they are most needed. So the goal was to develop a panel that could be built in the field at low cost.

Dr Andreas Mershin from MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms says that if you mix the grass with an inexpensive stabilizing peptide powder, you can then spread the mixture onto a glass or metal surface where it will continue to generate electricity through photosynthesis.

Normally I'm pretty skeptical of people who claim that they can make stuff that sounds a bit too good to be true, but hey, Dr Mershin probably wouldn't have a job at MIT if he wasn't legit.

Scientific Reports, via Inhabitat

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